Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Basic Cable Crochet Cuff Bracelet

Today I have a new pattern that I wrote for a cuff bracelet.  This bracelet had several incarnations before I settled on this style.  My 10-year-old daughter is a bit more flamboyant than I am, I had made one for her with double cables and a ruffled edge.  I liked the double cable well enough, but couldn't get into the ruffles (and, truth be told, it was VERY wide).  I made a single cable cuff bracelet all in one color with a contrasting edge, but decided to try to make a cabled cuff with a different colored cabling,  I decided I liked the look of that one, so here's how I did it:

You will want two different colored yarns. I used Caron Simply Soft in blue mint and Loops and Threads in citrus, and a size H/8 5.00mm hook.  I keep a very tight tension, so you may need to adjust your hook size to compensate.  Also, this pattern uses front post treble crochet (fptc), and front post double treble crochet (fpdt). For front post treble crochet, follow instructions for making a front post double crochet, but yarn over twice before inserting the hook behind the post instead of only once. For a front post double treble, yarn over three times.  Finally, when you switch between colors, you will end up with some strands of yarn going back and forth on the back of the cuff.  I haven't figured out a better way to work them into the weave.  Here's what the back of mine looks like:

The pattern:

Chain 12. Turn.

Row 1:  SC in third ch from hook and sc all the way across. (10) (Rows should shape up to measure 2.25")

Rows 2-3: SC all the way across. Ch 1 and turn. (On fourth row, ch 2 and turn.) (10)

Rows 4-5:  Hdc all the way across. Ch 2 and turn. (10)

Row 6:  HDC in next 2 hdc. Change color, skip down to the row below your current row and fptc in the next four spaces. move back up, change color back and complete 3 hdc. Ch 2 and turn. (10)

Row 7: Hdc all the way across, ch 2 and turn. (10)

Row 8:  Hdc in next two hdc. Change color. Sk next two hdc. Fpdt in next two fptc.  Go back four spaces to the two skipped spaces and fpdt in the two skipped fptc. Change colors back, and hdc in the last three hdc. Ch 2 and turn. (10)

Row 9:  HDC across. Ch 2, turn. (10)

Row 10 - 18:  Repeat rows 7 - 10, ending on row 7.

Row 19 - 23:  SC all the way across, ch 2, turn. On last row, do not ch 2, just fasten off.

Once I fastened off on my cuff, for some reason it was a little crooked, so I blocked mine so that it was even all the way around. Click here for more information on blocking.

To finish, hold your bracelet facing you, Using your accent color and starting at the top right-hand corner, Single crochet to the bottom right edge.  Once you get the the bottom, fold your bracelet in half, right-side out. Single crochet across, stitching through both layers so that the ends are crocheted together. once you reach the end, single crochet around the left-hand side of the bracelet, fastening off once you have reached the end.

This project is pretty versatile. You can make it in one or more colors, try a couple of different kinds of edging, or add buttons to make it more interesting,

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