Thursday, January 29, 2015


Hello everyone! Welcome to the inaugural post of Calypso Crochet!  This is my blog dedicated to crochet.  I learned to crochet in my late teens and put it down for a long time because I didn't find it very interesting.  Turns out the reason was because I only knew how to make plain rows.  As I got older, I needed a way to unwind (no pun intended, but it really is a good one!). Crochet worked out well for me.

I started out watching YouTube videos because I wasn't confident enough to try to read patterns.  As the people in the videos were reading the patterns, then following along, the patterns started making sense to me!  Now I feel pretty confident in my ability to follow a pattern as well as create some of my own.  My goal with this blog is to do some crochet, create some new patterns, and have a lot of fun with my crocheting friends.  Feel free to chime in, make requests, and give advice.  This is gonna be great!